This project, begun in 2020 by Stuyvesant history teacher David Hanna and his students in a Spanish Civil War elective course, is ongoing. An initial "scraping" of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade's Archives' database by Theadora Williams found over 800 names with New York City references in their biographical entries. Some were born and/or raised in New York. Others had made the city their adopted hometown before they decided to go to Spain. It will take years to fully research all of these names. The objective is that each year the archive will grow as new groups of Stuyvesant students research more volunteers. Ultimately, this information can create a memorial to all of the New Yorkers (from the five boroughs) who served in Spain. We would also like to move forward with a commemorative plaque in the premises honoring those volunteers who attended Stuyvesant High School

Special thanks goes to Mr Dyrland-Weaver (Stuyvesant Computer Science department), designer Angel Ortmann-Lee, Profesor Sebastiaan Faber, Oberlin College and the Abraham LIncoln Brigade Archives, Michael Koncewicz at NYU Special Collections Elmer Holmes Bobst Library, and Theadora Williams.